It's been a little slow in coming (those ship dates always slip), but the Sonatype folks will be taking over the hosting of Scala related artifacts from

Currently, Sonatype is rsyncing the entire repository so that anything published to will be mirrored up to Sonatype.

We have transferred the LDAP information for all the such that you will be able to publish directly to Sontaype's servers.

In the next week or so, we will be pointing the DNS for and other domains over to Sonatype's servers such that existing projects will be communicating directly with Sonatype's servers (we were hoping to do that before the announcement, but, well... things happen.)  We will also be 301-ing all incoming requests for artifacts to Sonatype's servers so that existing projects with existing configuration files will be getting the latest and greatest from Sonatype's servers.

Between now and mid-June, will point to Sonatype's servers.  Once the redirects are in place and periodically thereafter, I will be making reminder posts to point configuration files to Sonatype's servers.  I will also send out periodic emails to the folks who have been publishing to to update their configuration files to point to Sonatype's servers and to remind their communities to update configuration files to Sonatype's servers.

In mid-June, will no longer redirect to Sonatype's servers.

I'd like to thank the Sonatype folks for being so helpful about transitioning the repository from to the Sonatype servers.  I'd also like the thank Derek who came up for air and helped out with the LDAP stuff.

More information and technical specifics as they become available.