has been running for more than 3 years, providing Maven repository hosting to the Scala community. was initially hosted on a machine that I owned and paid for and was co-administered by me and David Bernard.  In May, 2009, we transitioned the hardware to something more robust as well as having Derek Chen-Becker and Josh Sureth take over the administration tasks.  I still own the machine and pay for the hosting and bandwidth as well as organizing the administrators.

In the 2nd half of 2011, Josh and Derek got busy with family and new jobs and a whole bunch of other stuff.  Łukasz Kuczera and Indrajit Raychaudhuri volunteered to help out and were hoping for a transition from Josh and Derek.  The transition did not go smoothly.

While it's probably possible to dig through the configurations and such that Derek and Josh put together to figure out how to keep running, it's not in my heart to do it or to ask that others do lots of work on

The Scala community should be serviced by the company that is making money off the efforts of the Scala community, Typesafe, rather than a bunch of people contributing thousands of dollars a year of hardware and bandwidth and time to do something that could be done by the commercial Scala entity.

I owe a debt of gratitude to David B, Derek, Josh, Łukasz, and Indrajit for their efforts on behalf of the community.

In terms of, the server will continue to run for a while.  If Nexus or Jenkins needs a restart, I'll do that sort of thing.  We will not be accepting any new hosting requests.  We will not provide service to folks if configurations get messed up or if they need changes to permissions, etc.  I expect that the server will continue to host artifacts until mid-June of 2012 (I'm going on vacation in mid-June and will have spotty IP connectivity, so I can't be around to fix things.)  This should provide a reasonable period for projects to find new hosting.