The Lift community is amazing.  It's a collection of more than 3,000 people building amazing apps with Lift.

The Lift committer group is amazing.  It's a collection of more than 50 people who put time and effort into writing the code in Lift and more importantly into creating an excellent, supportive environment in the Lift community.

Between the community and the committers, the shoulders that support Lift are indeed very broad and very strong.

I am honored and excited that Franz Bettag and I will be helping to broaden the knowledge, involvement and support of Lift by offering a 1 day Lift Basics course at Skills Matter in London on March 15th.  This will offer Franz the training necessary to teach "David Pollak's Lift Basics" to audiences in Germany (in German) as well as other places.

More importantly, it's yet another data point that demonstrates the amazingly broad shoulders that support Lift.  And stay tuned... there will be more announcements that underscore just how broad and strong the support for Lift is.