Lift is the most powerful, most secure web framework available today. There are Seven Things that distinguish Lift from other web frameworks. Lift applications are:

  • Secure -- Lift apps are resistant to common vulnerabilities including many of the OWASP Top 10
  • Developer centeric -- Lift apps are fast to build, concise and easy to maintain
  • Scalable -- Lift apps are high performance and scale in the real world to handle insane traffic levels
  • Interactive like a desktop app -- Lift's Comet support is unparalled and Lift's ajax support is super-easy and very secure
Sites powered by Lift include Foursquare, Novell Vibe, the UK Guardian, and Open Study.

The Lift team is excited to announce the availability of Lift 2.4-M1 (Milestone 1).

Lift 2.4-M1 supports Scala 2.9.0 and 2.9.0-1.

The Lift team added over 45 enhancements or bug fixes since Lift 2.3.  Notably:

  • Improvements to MongoDB support
  • Improvements to the already awesome lift-json package
  • Enhancements to tools for building complex forms
Lift's JSON, Util, Actor, and Common packages can be used independently from the Lift Web Framework.

Please join the Lift community and enjoy the benefits of coding with Lift.