Happy 4th Birthday Lift!

Four years ago, we started the Lift project.  Back then I was a Scala newbie, yet I had a vision that developing secure web apps should be simple, that developing interactive web apps should be simple, and that the compiler is your friend.

Four years later and 2 major releases and many milestone releases later, Lift holds true to the original vision.

Four years later, the Lift community is more than 2,500 people strong, there are hundreds of Lift apps in production and some pretty high profile sites are successfully using Lift.

For me, personally, I'm really glad that the Lift community is so awesome... full of people who are willing to help others and give the kind of feedback that helps Lift grow and expand.  I'm also really impressed by the Lift committers... nearly 50 people scattered across the world who contribute time, code, and personal attention to Lift and the Lift community.

So, on Lift's fourth birthday, I want to say thanks to the Lift community and the Lift committers for building something tremendous: Lift.